It’s college, finna try everything at least one. 

These next few weeks are going to be torturous

wow I really miss being skinny 

This summer: let’s play how much weight can Kate lose when she stops drinking, eating school food and lives with her health freak mother for 3 months?

Remember When 2nd Semester Edition

  • Lindsey and I trying to have guacamole wednesday and failing terribly. Microwaving the avocados to ripen them. 
  • Amanda and I went to deets to get tea and they didn’t have any of the flavors that I wanted
  • Sarah being incredibly drunk trying to wear backpack as pants
  • When we got high and went to cookout and taco bell in the same night and we heard sirens 
  • When Sarah drove Danelle and friends home and taco bell in Erin’s car
  • We all went downtown to try and get Sarah’s tattoo and then another place and still not being able to get the tattoos and just getting taco bell instead
  • Sarah and I went to buy shit and we didn’t know what our dealer looked like 
  • We went to some random people’s party in hunter’s ridge and it was so good 
  • We hot boxed Danelle’s car and then the lighter went out so we went to 7 eleven and sat there for forever before we went to get the lighter
  • Same night and we went to see Ride Along and I fell asleep for the entire thing and Amanda “you gotta help us” 
  • My hyperventilating same night
  • When and Lindsey and I took like 5 shots of fireball on thursday so she could avoid packing and then everyone started drinking
  • When Amanda got so drunk she danced with her great grand big 
  • When I bruised my wrist getting too intense playing slap cup 
  • When Lindsey and I went to d2 and thought we went to the hobbit thing but we didn’t and then I got asian food 
  • When I accidentally snapchated Casey when I meant to snapchat Sean and then vice versa
  • ARCTIC MONKEYS CONCERT: Danelle’s birthday, screaming throwbacks so Danelle wouldn’t fall asleep 
  • throwback week when we ran into everyone from the dungeon 
  • when D and I thought someone broke into our room and ate animal crackers on our floor and left their water bottle here
  • that one night I drank coffee one night and got emotional 
  • when we were trying to get back from the place and we 
  • same night^ sledding 
  • corps vs civilian snowball fight 
  • they got locked in lane because the snow plow placed snow in front of the entrance 
  • Sarah and Danelle and I went to the cellar before spring break
  • Casey trying to hide the fact that she’s my big but failing 
  • Danelle and I both like the same obscure flavor of Doritos
  • they went hiking and died
  • Danelle got really drunk on a tuesday
  • Ordering a whole benny’s pizza 
  • Sean was with us and we found thomas and we tried to go out
  • We went to hibachi for Danelle’s birthday 
  • when Sarah and Danelle smoked in the dorm
  • Lindsey died from hibachi

my goal is to make it through the rest of the semester without being such a little bitch 

it took a long time for it to get this way and it’s going to take a long time for it to go back. be patient. 

I need to get my fucking priorities straight. fuck this shit. 

Last Night, through a Collection of Texts

  • Tian: Already??
  • Lindsey: Asian hipster trumps all
  • Lindsey: Can I borrow your Asian glow for laser tag?

I still dislike children.